I am Rebenque, a passionate artist who takes pictures, shoots films and designs websites. My approach to creation focuses on how to do more with less, on finding the striking simplicity that matters. I am a convinced essentialist committed to my heart.

I am based in Madrid and currently working as a freelance.

Although the bulk of my work comes from digital cameras, I do love film, in particular film colour reproduction. I still shoot with my old Nikon FA. I also produce fine digital prints.

I record digital video through Sony body plus Speedbooster using my F-mount glass collection. Heliopan ND filter and minimal gorillapod stabilization finish off my equipment. I take great care in delivering cinematic images and storytelling.

I learnt how to write web pages because I wanted to show my work. I always start plain simple: pure html, css and, if required, javascript. I do responsive design. I know how to build on WordPress for end-user easy content management.